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Salem Care is a community of foster homes for seniors and disabled adults who appreciate loving and professional care in a homelike setting.

We are licensed as Class II Oregon adult foster care homes. In July of 2015 we began year twelve of providing quality care for seniors and disabled adults in Salem, Oregon.

Our goal is to help each individual to be as independent as they are able to be, respecting their dignity and individuality.

Benefits of Salem Care’s Foster Homes

A big plus for Salem Care is that three adult foster homes are adjacent to one another, sharing a common courtyard, meaning that our residents can socialize with more folks than the typical foster home, while still retaining the benefits of their private room in a single residential home limited to five residents.

Salem Care’s location means that some of our residents, by wheelchair, walker or cane, visit Fred Meyer, Starbucks and other nearby services that they enjoy with family and friends, just minutes away, contributing to their independence.

The Caring Ratio of Foster Care

A typical nursing care facility has a caregiver to resident ratio of one to fifteen. Oregon adult foster homes have a ratio of one to five, intended to feel more like home than larger care facilities.

Oregon was one of the first states to pioneer the concept of adult foster care. Since then many states have modeled their approach after Oregon’s successful example of homelike foster care.

A Standard of Quality Care

Resident Dave with Care Manager Theresa

Caregivers at Salem Care are certified, skilled and experienced in monitoring and assisting residents with their particular needs, referred to as Activities of Daily Living.

Following Doctor’s orders with medication schedules, arranging for transportation, doing laundry and providing home cooked meals in a pleasant atmosphere is only part of what is provided.

Developing and implementing a care plan that fits each individual is another part of adult foster care that ensures a focused and flexible approach to accommodate changing care needs.

Convenient Location


Situated just southeast of Market St and Lancaster, Salem Care’s residents enjoy the benefits of nearby shopping, bus lines and dining…all while still residing in a pleasant neighborhood.

When emergency services are needed, response time is rapid; typically 3-5 minutes.

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Clay Street can be accessed from Market St  and also via Cypress St or Weathers St .

(503) 400-2086